Friday, 2 September 2016

Information report water cycle

Water, water is a liquid that covers a large amount of the Earth surface. Water was a hard to understand back in the old days some people thought it was magic, but we have now found about the water cycle. There are four key stages of the water cycle Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and runoff or infiltration ( runoff and infiltration they both happen at the same time or just one happens )
Evaporation is when the sun comes out and heats up the water and then the water starts to evaporates
Now it is a gas. Water vapor is also called humidity so on a hot day they're will be a lot of humidity. When water evaporates the water vapor is invisible because it is a gas. When the water evaporates on a cold day the water vapor can condense and turns it into water droplets and this can result in fog. When the water evaporates it goes up into the atmosphere as a gas then it goes into the step of condensation.
Condensation is when the vapor in the atmosphere turns into clouds, Precipitation is when it rains one of the states of water. Condensation happens when the water vapor in the atmosphere collides with dust and then small clouds are created then the clouds join together to make big clouds. The clouds keeps on rising and the clouds get colder and colder until the water vapor in the cloud gets too cold and then it starts to rain. When precipitation starts it rains water, hail, snow and sleet. When it starts raining water falls all over the Earth into rivers, lakes, oceans and dirt so what comes after they are called runoff and infiltration.
Runoff and infiltration are the steps after precipitation, runoff is water moving once the water has fallen from the cloud and while all that happens a large amount of the water is going underground. There is a large amount of water under our feet this is called groundwater and this is we comes out of the taps in New Zealand and all this is thanks to infiltration. All the plants in the world drink ground water, trees though they let of some water vapor that helps other vapor to come so they can make clouds if this didn't happen there would be less rain. If you dig down you will eventually find water but the deeper you go the hotter it gets then if the water goes to deep it would  burn and evaporate.
All of these steps happen everyday thanks the sun and gravity. There is a lot more information to do with the water cycle, just think what if we didn't have the sun none of this would of happened.  

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