Monday, 21 March 2016

Reading I can identify the way that writers use language and ideas to suit their purpose.

Name: isaac Date:14/03/16

L4 Author’s Purpose follow up
I can  describe how to identify author's purpose.
I can describe the language used by authors to achieve their purpose.
I can compare and contrast language and ideas between texts with similar author’s purpose.  
Six days a week  

The author’s purpose is… To inform

I know this because…. because this girl was telling us about what she did

Language used to support purpose.
Informal text eg pretty sure
Ideas used to support purpose
Longer sentences with lots of dialogue
independence games

The author’s purpose is… To inform

I know this because….. Because they were telling us about the independence games

Language used to support purpose.
Formal text eg similar abilities

Ideas used to support purpose.
Shorter sentences with lots of info
My Evaluation
After reading both texts and comparing and contrasting language and ideas used to support authors purpose)

The text which I think most achieved its purpose was……… the independence games

My reasons for this evaluation are…….. (list at least 3)
  • Because of the shorter sentences it is easy to read
  • the text has all of the info about the independence games
  • it had some interesting words

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